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Team Alloys - America's True Master

Driven By A Sense of Purpose, We Are Singular in Focus

Trust and faithfulness are prerequisites to the development and sustenance of lasting relationships. Since 1989, the founder has offered the premise of; no fabricators, no contractors, no end users and no exceptions. This premise has been the keystone of a philosophical commitment to exclusively service the distribution market. Looking towards the future TeamPVF will capitalize on this customer confidence that has been earned. While others compromise on the doctrine of master distribution, TeamPVF will operate as America’s true master with strict adherence to the aforementioned fundamental principles.

Team is beginning operations in January of 2012. Our facility includes 70,000 square feet of warehouse and 6.5 acres of outside storage. Initially Team will service the carbon, low temp and high yield markets with fittings and flanges 24” and down. Our commitment to service will redefine expectations of the industry. By August of 2012 stainless steel products will be added to the mix. Special alloys will enhance the value equation as our business grows. Finally, seamless carbon pipe will round out the package.

People are the heartbeat of any organization. You can expect an outstanding staff of employee owners. The person you speak with is empowered to take care of you; as seasoned veterans they will accept nothing less. In house machining facilities will be a complement to our can do attitude. The entire sales staff will be servicing the complete range of products. Team will truly be a one stop shop with leadership from management familiar with the entire product range.

Our Supply chain spans the globe. Whether you need specific manufacturers or just a competitive price, Team can fill the bill. If, approved, generic, Western European or domestic is required, Team has got it. The supply relationships will be fortified with a transparency that has never been envisioned before. Pertinent financial and product information will be communicated to suppliers on a regular basis. Our interaction with suppliers insures a steady stream of incoming material and enhanced value in the supply chain. These partnerships will add a dimension to the meaning of win - win. Over the long run, it is supplier relationships that characterize a master distributor’s ability to service the market.

The essence of teamwork is the ability to put aside individual interests to pursue a common goal. We derived our name with this thought in mind. Our group is intensely focused on customer service and integrity. While others have been long established and may be far larger in scale, we simply think we can. We are here to serve and our service will separate us. As a team, we have collectively” got your back”.

Of course technology is a part of commerce today. Team will be in the forefront of efficient customer interaction. However, computers don’t walk to the shipping desk to make sure the order is ready and accurate. Our operations department understands it has to go. That is why you called us, you can be confident your order receives personal attention throughout the fulfillment process. Our administration department understands the paperwork has to be right. From top to bottom and side to side ours is a culture of distinction. Our customer is king, not bureaucratic protocols.

Dedication to basics drives our business, quality products, quick response, good prices, forthright communication, and excellent service. Give Team a try.

We appreciate your support,
Bill Bootz


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